Jacob Waites Visual & Interaction Designer

Jacob Waites is a Visual & Interaction designer specializing in brand design & experience. Living at the intersection between designer & developer, Jacob seeks to bridge the gap between digital and physical. Jacob co-founded Foremost, a creative collective working around the globe, and is currently working at IDEO CoLab. Jacob is also an avid instant photographer and a big fan of tacos.

Inb0x Prototype

Inb0x allows for direct peer-to-peer messaging and trades in the form of an Ethereum account inbox. Use Inb0x to earn money on your communications, no registry required.

Inb0x was a CoLab prototype of an Ethereum based messaging system for small direct advertising that turned into a larger product. Users had a crypto address that could act as an “inbox” by reading encoded messages in any ethereum transaction’s data field.

The prototype created a way for users to search for top holders of any token type on the ethereum network and then allowed them to directly message that person by sending small amounts of ethereum as a payment for a response. Our software allowed you to encode your text message and send it to the recipient who could then decode it through our UI.

I created a brand and tiny microsite for the prototype as a launch point for the product.

Marketing Site

The Prototype

Inb0x is a cryptocurrency powered messaging system. Make money from your inbox by setting a price to get in and getting paid for responses. Search for users holding the tokens you need and skip the exchange by messaging them directly to trade on your terms.

Your new email is your ethereum account

Currently, crypto users are limited to exchanges and in-person messaging and trading to find users that hold a specific token without a large amount of back-work. Airdrops are a common way of getting someone particular tokens and are starting be used as a method of communication for launches of new platforms, but lack the user experience of traditional modern communications such as chat or email.

Inb0x is a CoLab prototype that allows a user to use an Ethereum account address as a message inbox. Users navigate to the inb0x website, and link an account through the metamask api to check for transactions containing hex encoded messages that the inb0x system decodes and displays within the interface just like normal email.

Key Features

Inb0x Allows users to:

Have a simple inbox for Ethereum addresses

Inb0x gives users a publicly accessible inbox to recieve messages over the Ethereum blockchain. Send & Recieve Messages with anyone with an Ethereum address.

Send tokens through messages & talk trades

Charge to get into your inbox by setting a minimum fee for incoming messages. If you hold the tokens, you hold the power. Trades have never been easier (or this direct) with our Metamask Integration.

Find new people to contact through searchable holdings

Now finding new people to trade with is as easy as searching for the token and an amount. Searches can be split into predefined segments for bulk messaging.

One of the key features we explore for Inb0x was the feasability of a market search function for addresses and tokens based on available data from block explorers (ethereum network transaction viewers) such as etherscan. The search function is designed for finding all addresses with holdings of a specific token, and allows for advanced filtering of that audience to find particular addresses with particular amounts, transaction numbers, and age. This key function allows for the ability to find specific markets to send messages to and make offers.

Direct messaging & read rewards

The other main feature of Inb0x is the ability to send and recieve messages using a simple web interface. Conversations are organized by address, and messages can be given a subject and text field which gets encoded into a transaction that can be given any amount of ethereum as a “read reward” or bounty that is given to the reciever once the message is opened or responded to. In this way, you can get paid to respond to messages in your Inb0x, or only claim rewards that you like.

Segmentation & bulk messaging

Another feature that was designed was a market segmentation function that allowed a user to save a particular audience to make bulk messages to. As a messaging and communication technology, Inb0x could be used to make bulk direct trades in almost the same way a user might go about mailing out a newsletter. Segments can be saved and checked easily from the segments view to easily see how the audience’s holdings have changed.

The Brand

The Inb0x brand focused on reinventing the email, making a play on the @ symbol traditionally used in contact addresses. The visual identity drew from black magic themes, harkening back to times of occlusion and anonymity. This was meant to create elements of whimsy when transacting across an anonymous network, but also being able to filter through account holdings to directly message someone.

The illustrations used noise textures that added a more human feel. The iconography and box icon created an element that referenced the blockchain, but added other symbols on top to characterize different actions. The box icon was also used to creating a loading symbol for the prototype.