Jacob Waites Visual & Interaction Designer

Jacob Waites is a Visual & Interaction designer specializing in brand design & experience. Living at the intersection between designer & developer, Jacob seeks to bridge the gap between digital and physical. Jacob co-founded Foremost, a creative collective working around the globe, and is currently working at IDEO CoLab. Jacob is also an avid instant photographer and a big fan of tacos.

Three Things Prototype

Tactical urbanism powered by data. Three things combines open source city planning data, user IoT data, and custom sensor data to allow citizens to launch their own city studies and experiments and tell stories through data visualization.

Three things is a mapbox GL powered prototype that takes in geoJSON data and maps it on a map for you. In addition, it converts KML or shape files often used by city planning departments to publish open source data into geoJSON to make any of those public use resources easily mappable without access to expensive GIS software.

The example in the prototype overlays city zoning data and traffic speed studies on top of strava run data from commuters and live data gathered from custom made sensors placed in target areas. When seeing all of this data in one place, city planners or citizens could make verifiable claims to city problems. Can I prove that an intersection without a crosswalk installed is very dangerous if I have foot traffic and commuter biking data along with car counts of that intersection? Can we start to re-value property based on how noisy the construction nearby is? Three things allows you to visualize spatial data to get a more accurate view of an area.

I created a group of small prototypes all powered by simple javascript and mapbox GL as a way of telling the story of modern smart cities. Other prototypes I made during this sprint are catalogued in a series of medium posts published by IDEO CoLab.

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